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The KGB officer had a “pre-emptive talk” with Volha Siemchanka, a student of a Mahilou university and an activist of the youth democratic organizations Volha Siemchanka.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to Ms Siemchanka, she was invited to the office of the dormitory head, where was an unknown person who identified himself as Senior Lieutenant of KGB Andrei (refusing to provide his last name). The KGB officer politely asked the student to answer some of the questions he was interested in. First, these questions concerned the participation of Volha Siemchanka in various youth democratic organizations and her political allegiances. The KGB officer also demonstrated his awareness of the public activist’s biography details. He warned Ms Siemchanka of the consequences that could happen due to her “incorrect political behavior”, reported the press service of the NGO Assembly.

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