The collectors of signatures for Milinkevich in Brest are accused of buying signatures

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On December 20 about 3 P.M. the police lieutenant Ruslan Paulavich Viarenich asked the members of the initiative group for nomination of Milinkevich to the position of the President of Belarus in the presence of passers-by to go to police station to explain the case of buying signatures. He meant that the member of the initiative group paid money for signatures.
The frustrated collectors required explanation from the police officer who accused them of violating the law and moral standards.
In the presence of witnesses Viarenich explained that he received a call from an unknown person.
After 15 minutes of talk the police officer wrote down the information about the collectors of signatures and went out to detain them, reports human rights activist Uladzimir Vialichka.

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