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Collection of signatures for Aliaksandr Milinkevich finished by confiscation of the portrait of Milinkievich

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On January 21 Genadz Radzetski was collecting signatures at the mini-market in Svislatch. A man came up to him and started to ask about Milinkevich. Major Bychak in plain clothes came to the talking people and asked the man who wanted to sign a subscription list to give him the passport.
Two more representatives of the police came up to the collector of signatures. Several people of the Machta enterprise came with the police and started to ask provocative questions. But Radzetski answered that agitation would start after the beginning of the election campaign. One of the police representatives started taking photos of all the people standing there.

The police take the portrait of Mlinkevich and his biography down and made a confiscation protocol. The protocol contained information about the case of agitation. Radzetsky refused to sign the protocol. One of the police officers, Dzmitry Zotau, told Radio Liberty: “The activity of the collector of signatures should be legally assessed".
According to Zotau? This assessment should be given by the Prosecutor’s Office.

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