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The Central Commission of the Republic of Belarus made official warning to the initial groups of the potential presidential candidates A.Milinkevich and Z.Pazniak.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On December 18, 2005 a regular sitting of the Central Commission of the Republic of Belarus for Elections and National Referenda took place. Eight issues were on the agenda. The first issue that was considered by the Central Commission was connected with the facts of violation of the election law by the members of the initiative groups for election of candidates A.Milinkevich and Z.Pazniak.
According to the information of the Central Commission, the initiative group of A.Milinkevich is conducting a mass agitation campaign thus distributing printed materials in the form of flyers and calendars with a photo of Milinkevich. The same claims were addressed to the initiative group of Z.Pazniak. The members of the Commission think that the initiative groups of both of the candidates violate the election law, in particular, Article 45 and 47 of the Election Code of the Republic of Belarus.
The head of the initiative group of A.Milinkevich A.Bukhvostau did not agree with the accusations and admitted that the Central Commission expresses bias with respect to his initiative group. The head of the initiative group of Z.Pazniak S.Papkou did not agree with the accusations of the Central Commission either and said that in the situation of total information isolation of the citizens of Belarus and propaganda lies, distribution of true facts among the citizens is the constitutional duty of every person. According to him, the CCP BPF party with the leader Z.Pazniak does not agitate for its leader but informs the citizens of Belarus about the situation in the republic and agitate for the idea of popular voting. S.Papkou like A.Bukhvostau also told about the unprecedented pressure on the Citizens of Belarus, which is performed by the representatives of local authorities to make the citizens to vote for A.Lukashenka.
The Commission voted for issuing a warning after its members had listened to the opinions of the heads of the initiative groups. L.Iarmoshina said in the process that they got no complaints about the initiative group of Lukashenka.
In addition to this issue the Commission adopted some new resolutions. In particular, a special resolution about the activity of foreign (international) observers, about explanation of the order of declaration of income of candidates to the position of the President of the Republic of Belarus, about arrangement of voting poles, and registration of the voting poles arranged abroad.

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