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In Hrodna district the police detained a car with Andrei Pachobut, the senior editor of the Magazyn Polski in emigration, and his colleague Andrzei Lisouski.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 17 December in Hrodna the police visited the flat of Andrei Pachobut at about 6 a.m. to take him to the police station but Andrei wasn't at home.
According to Mr.Pachobut, the police visit can be connected with the TV-program on the BT channel "In the center of attention”, where it was told that Andrei "is accused of several small crimes" and that he is "a potential criminal". This TV-program came out after the release of a new number of the magazine Magazin Polski in emigration in Belarus, which is edited by Mr.Pachobut. By the way, Mr. Pachobut is accused of only one crime that is intimidation of the head of the Polish house in Shchuchyn, Viktar Bogdan.
Round about 3 p.m. the police detained a car with Andrei Chobut and his colleague Andrzei Lisouski and took them to the Hrodna district police department. The journalist didn't allow searching the car without the prosecutor's sanction.
At the police station “Dziautouka” the police took 50 magazines “Magazin Polski in emigration” from Mr. Pachobut and made a report on confiscation. Andrei Pachobut required the presence of his lawyer Aliaksandr Birylau who had come to the Department of Local Affairs, but the lawyer was told that Mr. Pachobut had not been brought there. After certain explanations, Mr. Pachobut was released at about 6 p.m. He was explained that the police was conducting checks “on the basis of information from competent agencies” about the fact that Mr. Pachobut was the head of Magazin Polski.
*** On that very day a car of Mechyslau Iaskevicha, a UPB member, in which Anzhalika Borys was traveling, was detained. At first the travelers saw a police car driving behind them, then, the police switched on an audio alarm and a laud-speaker thus making the car with the head of the Union of Poles that is not recognized by the government to stop. Anzhalika Boris to Radio Liberty that the police searched the car boot, made a call, asked for ID, and then let her go in fifteen minutes.