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The branch of the human rights organization “Amnesty International” in Bonn has started to collect signatures under the appeal to the President of Belarus calling to guarantee the right for freedom of speech, assembly and association.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The site informed about this event with the reference to Deutsche Welle.
“Before the presidential elections and 20-year-anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster Belarus is the center of attention of the world society”, - petition says. Because of these events, the authors of the petition demand that the authorities do not interfere into peaceful demonstrations devoted to these important civil and political events. The petition contains an appeal to guarantee the right of activists of youth movements and all Belarusian citizens, to investigate events of September 16, 2005, when Mikita Sasim, an activist of the youth movement Zubr, was beaten during the meeting.
The activists of Amnesty International propose all the people who want to appeal to the Belarusian authorities print the petition text in A3 format and send it to Bonn before March 5. This action is called The greatest petition of Germany.

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