The Supreme Court continues to hear the case of the former deputy Siarhei Skrabiets

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 18 January the Supreme Court continues to hear the case of Siarhei Skrabiets, the former deputy of the House of Representatives of Belarus, the leader of the opposition deputy group "Respublika".
At the start of the court sitting Mr. Skrabiets said that he felt bad because of a problem with the kidneys. Mr. Skrabiets has been on a hunger-strike for over a week now. Siarhei Skrabiets explained that when he was present in the detention center he was firstly kept in a cold cellar, then, in a cols room where he was undressed and subjected to examination, and, at last, he was handcuffed and taken to court in a cold car. Besides, the way to court took quite long. The presence of Mr. Skrabiets in the cold resulted in kidney problems.
Siarhei Skrabiets said that he would not trust doctors from the detention center, who examined the state of his health in a very formal way after he had complained of his problem.
Judge V.Rakitski announced a recess during which an ambulance was called. The doctors examined S.Skrabiets and concluded that the state of health of the hunger-striker is satisfactory.
There was a strange case with the temperature of the hunger-striker. When the judge said that the temperature was normal according to the doctors, S.Skrabiets replied that that his temperature was not measured. The guards confirmed the falsification of the temperature recording by the ambulance doctors.
The judge rejected the petition of S.Skrabiets about more detailed check-up.
Afterwards, S.Skrabiets made a statement about the coup d'etat that would happen in the Republic of Belarus in 2006 to seize power and was being planned at that moment. And the leader of the coup d’etat is Aliaksandr Lukashenka who had changed the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus using his position as President.
S.Skrabiets also accused L.Lukashenka of financial manipulations and tax avoidance, and misappropriation.
Prosecutor M.Osipchyk interrupted S.Skrabiets by addressing to the court with a remark about the content of the statement of the accused. The court satisfied the request of the prosecutor and prohibited further reading of the statement, the court did not enter the petition upon the record.
Then S.Skrabiets informed about tortures that took place in the detention cell where he was kept.
Unknown people in black masks beat the detained who are under examination. In particular, the cell-mate of S.Skrabiets, colonel Vosipau, was beaten in the all of the detention cell.
The judge recommended S.Skrabiets to ask the supervision prosecutor about this fact and speak within the legal proceedings.
S.Skrabiets faces several criminal charges. Belarusian human rights activists are convinced that the real reason for the isolation of S.Skrabiets consists in his pronounced political position.