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Vitsebsk signature collector filed a complaint with the procurator's office about violation of the electoral legislation

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Ian Dziarshautsau, a member of the Conservative Christian BPF Party, has already filed two complaints with the procurator’s office of Pershamaiski Borough about the illegal actions by the commandant of the dormitory of lyceum No.1 and the chief of the dormitory complex of the television plant “Vityaz”. The main violation of the election legislation, in the opinion of the Vitsebsk collector, is that he is not allowed to collect signature in the dormitories, reported Radio Liberty.
The commandant of the lyceum dormitory was not satisfied with the ID produced by the signature collector and demanded that Mr. Dziarzhautsau obtain a written permission from the school principal. Explaining her decision, the commandant said that she suspected the member of the initiative group might bring inside the building an explosive device.
In the dormitory No.1 of the television plant Ian Dziarzhautsau was also viewed as a potential law-breaker. chief Sviatlana Nieyaszhalova denied entry referring to an increased number of thefts from the local residents. The chief Sviatlana Nieyaszhalova explained that the signature collectors must not violate the internal rules of the dormitories. And for this reason she allowed Mr. Dziarzhautsau to walk around the dormitory, accompanied by a specially designed person, one hour each of the two days.
On the third day, according to Mr. Dziarzhautsau, the dormitory chief referred to an order issued by the administration, which bans entry to signature collectors. However, Ian Dziarzhautsau was not allowed either to read the order or find out the name of its author. Now he hopes that Pershamaiskaia Borough Procurator’s Office will demand this document for familiarization.
The first signature collector to appeal to the procurator's office was a teacher Tatsiana Sieviaryniets, the mother of the famous youth leader. She complained that the residents of the house, where she was collecting signatures, were told by the employers not to give their signatures to anyone but Aliaxandr Lukashenka. Tomorrow Ms Siaviaryniets will appear in Pershamaiski Borough Procurator’s Office for consideration of the complaint.