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Independent radio station will broadcast from Poland on ultra short and mid-range waves

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The radio will be owned by Belarusians. The Warsaw government promises subsidies, the radio station also hopes to draw on private foundations. The budget of the annual project is hundreds of thousands of US dollars.
The chair of the Belarusian Union in Poland Iauhien Vapa is optimistic: "When the channel is declared by the Prime Minster, it must be viable”. He refers to the statement made by Prime Minister of Poland Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz during his visit to Belarusians in Haunauka. The statement said that the new radio station will start to operate "in the weeks to come". A week passed – but nothing happened.
The possible general manager of the radio station, the former head of Radio 101.2 Zmitsier Novikau says: “Neither the broadcasting format nor the name of the channel are known yet. A lot of ambitious people are involved with this project, each has its own view of the future of the undertaking”. The new station will start broadcasting only on 20 January or 1 February. And maybe only on the Internet, at the beginning.
The idea of broadcasting from Poland was promoted by two antagonistic groups. The first one insisted on a public and political radio station (like Radio Liberty) that is, however, is not owned by government. The other group favored an entertainment kind of station. But it looks like both groups will have to work together.
According to the “NN" information the employees of the would-be radio station will include journalists of liquidated newspapers, rock musicians and even one former ONT (an official Belarusian TV channel) worker. Now they are being trained at Ukrainian radio stations by the former program director of Alpha-Radio (Belarusian radio station) Siarhei Kuzin.

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