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A daily program "Belarus, Belarus” devoted to the events in Belarus appeared on Polish TV

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Radio Liberty correspondent talked with the program host Malgazhata Prakapiuk.
The 30 minute program “Belarus, Belarus” is shown by TVP1 early on Saturday (7.30 Belarusian time). It covers the important Belarus-related events that occur both in Poland and Belarus.
“Our program today will center around a visit by Prime Minister of Poland Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz to Bialystok region and his meeting with Aliaxandr Milinkievich, the united presidential candidate from the democratic forces”, said Malgazhata Prakapiuk. She is from Bialystok region and so can speak Belarusian very well. She is well known in Poland – earlier Ms Malgazhata hosted the prime news program in the evening, however, she considers the new program just as important: “This is a priority to me. I am Belarusian by origin and view it as my obligation to host such a program to fight for democracy in Belarus. I believe this is my patriotic duty”.
According to Ms Prakapiuk, the Poles are becoming more interested in what is happening in Belarus.

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