Education Ministry Refuses to Rehabilitate Tatsiana Khoma at Belarusian State Economic University

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In November 2005 the administration of the Belarusian State Economic University remanded Tatsiana Khoma after the student visited France and was elected to the council of the ESIB (the National Units of Students in Europe).

On 1 December 2005 she sent a letter to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, complaining against the expulsion from the university.

Recently she has received the answer from the ministry, signed by the vice-minister K. Faryn. In this letter it is stated that the reason for the expulsion of the student was “violation of the internal regulations of the educational establishment Belarusian State Economic University”.

The ministry of education referred to paragraph 18 of the internal regulations and explained that “students must attend all classes that are included into the schedule. A student must inform the deans office about the reason why he/she missed the classes in a day after the incident and present the documents confirming he had a good excuse for it on the day he/she comes back to the university. In the case the student presents no documents, it is considered he/she didn’t have a good excuse to miss the classes irrespective of the explanations.”

The Ministry of Education also referred to Instruction #192 about the order of transfer, restitution and remand of students of higher educational establishments that was signed by the Minister of Education on 1 July 1999. According to it, students are expelled for systematic violations of discipline and the internal regulations of higher educational establishments.

The letter also enlisted the number of missed hours: the fifth semester, 2004/2005 curriculum year – 28, the sixth semester – 46, the seventh semester, 2005/2006 curriculum year – 22 hours.

-- In the rectors order it was written “to remand the student from the university for gross violation of the internal regulations of the BSEU which manifested in visit to France during the classes without the permission of the university administration”. On the other hand, the ministry explains my expulsion with systematic truancy, which differs from what was said in the order. I have consulted a defense lawyer and will soon complain to court, -- said Tatsiana Khoma.

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