Zianon Pazniak proposed popular vote

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Radio Liberty quoted parts of the appeal by the CCP BPF leader:
“At the demand of Moscow and quite unexpectedly for the Belarusians Lukashenka fixed early presidential elections (March 19, 2006). The early elections are, however, not legally grounded. Russia is hurrying to support its creature because the tendencies in the community have shown that the position of both regimes may get worse. So they do whatever they want, disregarding the perception of the people…"
“…all must go to the polls (the regime is afraid of that) and after the balloting, go to the Central Square of Minsk to be together and wait for the voting results to be declared. (Those who live near Minsk must come to Minsk after balloting).
To win over the falsification-based system, a popular vote must be conducted. The principles of the popular vote involves the following actions:
- electors come to the polling stations with their own ballots (or a clean sheet of paper, then they can fill out their own ballot in the polling booth);

- the elector takes the ballot provided by the regime, puts his signature next to his name on the list and goes to the booth;

- in the booth the elector pockets the regime ballot and gets out his own ballot;

- he puts his ballot into the ballot box;

- the elector keeps the regime ballot, which he hands over to the public commission.
Popular ballot

- On a clean sheet of paper the elector writes the full name of the Belarusian popular candidate (opposed to the regime) and puts a tick next to his name, and any eight digit number at the bottom of the sheet.
- The elector does the same on an official ballot provided by the regime (a tick next to the name and the eight digit number identical to the one put on the popular ballot).
The popular (alternative) ballot will have a different look from the regime ballot. As ballot boxes are opened, the results of the voting will be obvious. The eight digit number will help the elector monitor its vote, if necessary. But those who do not want to do so may not put down an eight digit number. The important thing is to take the regime ballot with themselves and put their popular ballot into the ballot box.
The Belarusian Liberation Movement (generally coordinated by the Conservative Christian Party – BPF) creates a National Public Committee (NPC).
The NPC informs the people of the popular voting procedures. After the balloting the NPC organizes collection and count of the illegal ballots of the regime, held by the electors.
The outcome of all these actions will be new real legal democratic elections of the president”.

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