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In the opinion of the police the figure “16” is aimed at inflicting damage to the state and civil order

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Council of the Svietlahorsk district branch of the Belarusian Language Association named after Frantsysk Skaryna (BLA) received a refusal from the head of the local internal affairs department to an open statement regarding the inspection of Vadzim Bohdan’s apartment – a member of the Republican council of BLA. Among the periodicals that, according the police chief, were aimed at "damaging the state and civil order" were stickers that featured the figure "16".
The statement adopted on November 17 at the session of the Svietlahorsk Council of BLA said that during the search of the apartment the police officers accused Vadzim of advocating fascist views. The statement also said that the police pressurized V.Bohdan, while taking explanations from him. The accuracy of all information included into the statement was confirmed by V.Bohdan – the statement was both discussed and adopted in his presence.
In particular, the response provided by M.M.Rahovich, chief of the local department of the police, said: «In connection with the statement made by the chair of the Council of Svietlahorsk District of BLA Mr. Masliukou I would like to inform that on November 11 2005 the police received a notification that from the apartment (address mentioned) a smell typical of the drugs came. In the caller’s opinion, drugs were being produced in the apartment. To check up on this notification a police group was sent in, who, acting according to the effective legislation of Belarus, entered the apartment.
After examining the apartment, the response goes further, the police officers found printed materials, which described the activities of unregistered political movements Zubr, Bely legion and stockers featuring the figure "16", stickers with the inscription "Today Ukraine - tomorrow Belarus", and also a list of officials of the district. “Because the content of the printed materials was aimed to inflict damage to the state and civil order, the police officers decided to confiscate the printed materials. With respect to Mr. Bohdan, a report was made, which registered an administrative violation by terms of Article 167-10 of the Code of Administrative Violations of Belarus”, said the police chief.
According to the chief, the police officers did not exert any pressure on Mr. Bohdan. The response notes that at the request of Mr. Bohdan a representative of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee was allowed to read these materials. He did not reveal any violations of the current legislation. None of the police officers, says the response, did not accuse Mr. Bohdan of advocating fascist views.

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