Belarusian Authorities Do Everything Possible to Liquidate Trade Union Movement

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The trade union of radio-electronic industry made a public statement, demanding to stop intimidation and insinuations against independent trade unions and their leaders and timely start the implementation of the recommendations of International Labor Organization on restoring the liberty of associations in the Republic of Belarus. They think the adopted amendments to the Criminal Code have no relation to the right of trade unions to apply to ILO with complaints against violation of trade union rights in Belarus.

Henadz Fiadynich, the leader of the trade union of radio-electronic industry, says the state regularly violates the rights of trade unions and workers:
-- The authorities don’t solve anything and, on the contrary, do everything possible to liquidate independent trade union movement. In conformity with the law, we apply to the International Labor Organization. High-level lawyers come from there and find that all our complaints are confirmed. ILO has given the same recommendations for several years already.

Halina Lisitsyna, representative of the trade union of radio-electronic industry in Mahiliou, said the problem with registration of the organization hadn’t been solved:
-- Despite the correspondence we maintained with the authorities, the trade union organization of the city of Kirau wasn’t registered. Then there appeared a regional organization of the trade union of radio-electronic industry, but we didn’t receive any juridical address either.

According to the trade union activist, the situation is similar in other regions. The complaints against such actions of the authorities aren’t satisfied. That’s why in its statement the trade union reminds that the European Commission is dealing with their problems in Belarus, monitoring violations of trade union rights and implementation of the ILO recommendations.

The results of this monitoring can lead to suspension of the system of preferences for Belarus in trade with the EU countries. The trade union activists think this can be the main reason for the anger of the Belarusian authorities, who threaten to trade union leaders instead of taking the necessary measures.