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Babruisk: Judged Twice for Same Action

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 13 December Babruisk Pershamaiski Borough Court judged the members of Young Front Dzianis Buinitski and Siarhei Latsinski for the second time.

According to Ihar Khodzka, representative of HRC Viasna in Babruisk, this time the trial was open, but the guys were judged again for the same action. This time they were charged with the use of unregistered symbols. The report concerning the use of white-red-white flag was composed two weeks after the detention.

The trial was postponed to 19 December, because judge Tarabueva decided to summon riot police of Mahiliou as witnesses.

We should remind that Dzianis Buinitski and Siarhei Latsinski were detained on 22 October, at the concert “Rok za babrou” for unrolling white-red-white flag. The police accused them in violation of Article #156 of the Code of Administrative Violations (small disorderly conduct). The first trial over the detainees took place on 24 October in Babruisk temporary isolator. The trial was closed. The guys were sentenced to 2 days of jail they had already spent in the isolator. Closed administrative trial is an invention of the Belarusian court system. According to Article #229 of the Code of Administrative Violations, administrative cases are considered openly. The code contains no norms allowing to judge persons in temporary isolators. Another invention is to judge people twice for the same deed.

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