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KGB of Belarus will do everything to prevent destabilization in the country due to possible mass opposition protests during the presidential elections in 2006. Said KGB Chair Stsiapan Sukharenka in an interview with Reuters.

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Sukharenka said that "recently some western states, especially the USA, have repeatedly stated that they are interested in the power change in Belarus during the presidential elections according to the pattern of "colored" revolutions in the other countries of CIS".
The KGB head said that the USA uses the resources of the international and foreign non-state organizations to prepare special groups that will be deployed to organize mass street actions in Belarus.
According to Sukharenka, the main organizers of the street actions may become the unregistered youth organizations Young Front and Zubr. However, the KGB head emphasized that the main threat to the national security may become the ever growing pressure from the West rather than the actions by the opposition that is, in his opinion, "split and does not have the support of the community".
In his interview with Reuters, General Sukharenka referred to the plans of the USA and European Union to fund foreign-based television and radio broadcasting at Belarus as a "threat to the national security".
We would like to remind you that last Friday it was Stsiapan Sukharenka who, acting on behalf of the head of state, brought before the chamber of representatives amendments to the Criminal Code, which provide for criminal persecution for organizing mass protests, activity on behalf of closed organizations, transfer to the