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In Svietlahorsk (Homel Region) authorities pressurize the youth with democratic outlook

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

A lot of young people showed up for the action Day of Solidarity at the Central Square in Svietlahorsk on November 16 – this is largely due to the search performed by the police in the apartment of Vadzim Bohdan (one of the local youth movement leaders). Some of the young people had come to the square together with the parents. As became known, several days after the action the district authorities staged a meeting attended by the heads of the educational authorities, which was attended by a KGB officer. The result of this meeting was that the heads of the educational establishments are now made to pressurize the students, in particular, the local polytechnic schools and secondary schools No. 4, 9 and 10.
"All senior students that are friends with publicly active young people are called to the principal's office for a tough talk. Beyond any doubt during the talks there are unknown men in plain clothes, who do not work in the schools. The students are threatened expulsion, a ban on leaving the country, etc. They also phone their parents with similar threats. The principals say that they “have to make a report on the “measures taken”, said V.Bohdan.
“This regime does not have a future if it is so scared of the young people”, says one of the parents. “It is a shame that our children have to learn in such an absurd situation. But those who now intimidate the young people – how are they going to look us into the eyes later?”
Telman Masliukou

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Source: V. Bohdan, tel.: (02342) 4 33 49.

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