Barysau residents celebrated the Day of Solidarity at central square

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Over 250 people gathered at 6 p.m. at the central square in Barysau on the Day of Solidarity. These were mostly young people and businessmen. They organized along the square perimeter a living chain of people with burning candles in hands who observed a minute of silence to mark those who had dedicated their life to the struggle for freedom and democracy of Belarus. Businessmen from Babruisk came to support the action of their colleagues. The number of the Barysau residents that supported the action at the prime hour – 8 p.m. – considerably increased. On the same day the editor of the newspaper Borisovskiye novosti Anatol Bukas received a notice saying that his periodical as other independent newspapers was not included into the subscription catalog of Minablsaiuzdruk for 2006. The Barysau residents plan to struggle for their right to have free access to information within the nation-wide campaign for the freedom of speech.

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