The newspaper Nasha Niva and other independent periodicals also removed from the subscription catalog

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The readers of the newspaper Nasha Niva cannot place a subscription order for the paper to be delivered by mail in 2006. The editorial office found out that the subscription catalog does not have their periodical. It also does not have a number of independent regional newspapers. Belposhta had not provided the editors with any official letters regarding the cancellation of the agreement for the distribution of the newspaper.
Andrei Dynko, the Nasha Niva editor, found out that the newspaper could not subscribed for from the readers. Then he found out at the post office that the newspaper was not contained in the catalog. Apart from the Nasha Niva, the regional independent periodicals Hazeta Slonimskaia, Volnaie Hlybokaie, Vitebski kurier, Brestski kurier and the Baranavichy-based paper 2IntexPress.
The newspapers that had been earlier removed from the Belposhta catalog included the Narodnaia Volia, Salidarnasts, Zgoda and the Maladechna-based Rehianalna hazeta.
The editorial office of the Nasha Niva did not received any official warning from Belposhta regarding the cancellation of the distribution agreement.
Andrei Dynko, the senior editor of the Nasha Niva, believes that if the newspapers are not distributed via Belposhta, this will be a crime against Belarusian culture.
“This shows that the country does not play by any rules, and that Belarus cannot have free election any longer. So, in my opinion, this has an adverse strategic impact on the regime. As regards the Nasha Niva, the regional newspapers, this is also a cultural crime. The Belarusian press, Belarusian-language publications, account for 10% of all publications, but they also account for 70% of all banned publications. This is elimination of Belarusian culture", said Andrei Dynko in an interview with Radio Liberty.
The Nasha Niva has its own site on the Internet. The editorial office does not rule it out that the next step the authorities will take may be to block the newspaper site.