Permission Seal for Foreign Travel Annuled in Passport of Iuzaf Pazhetski, vice-chair of Union of Poles in Belarus

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Iuzaf Pazhetski was summonsed to the regional police office concerning the case about the financial abuses in the Union of Poles. He asked Pazhetski to give the passport. A worker of the passport and visa service, who was present in the room, annulled the permissive seal for foreign travels and returned the passport to the owner. The investigator explained to Mr. Pazhetski he was a suspect in another criminal case, concerning intimidation of Viktar Bohdan, director of the Polish House in the town of Shchuchyn.

On 18 November Iuzaf Pazhetski, another UPB vice-chair Vieslau Kieuliak, the chief editor of Glos znad Niemna newspaper Andzhei Pisalnik and the chief editor of Magazyn Polski Andrei Pachobyt are summonsed for interrogation to Shchuchyn.

According to Charter’97