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Homiel Region: Ideological Work Reinforced

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to RFE/RL

Aliaksandr Rahachou, rector of Homiel Frantsysk Skaryna University, stated about the reinforcement of propaganda in his report to the ambulatory sitting of Minsk City Executive Committee. Before this, workers of the executive committee, ideologists and heads of educational establishments visited student dormitories, youth and sports houses. Viktar Shchetska, presidential assistant in the region, took part in the discussion of the report.

Anatol Katsila, chair of the ideological board of Homiel City Executive Committee, proposed to the university administration to enforce the primary unit of BRSM (Belarusian Republican Youth Union, pro-presidential, Komsomol-like organization), organize radio broadcasting in student dormitories and increase the subscription to the state periodicals among teachers and students. Siarhiei Khanienia, university provost on upbringing of students, stated the rector’s office would make conclusions after receiving the printed version of the conclusions made by the executive committee. What concerns the subscription, Mr. Khanienia said:
-- We understand it well enough that, living in the 21st century we can read information in electronic version and possibly even make it more quickly.

Hanna Shydlouskaia, chair of the ideological department of the executive committee, said:
-- We have examined the educational work, the leisure time of students, the activity of coteries, different sports, etc. and there are many positive things.

The university graduate, opposition activist Maryia Bahdanovich thinks such attention of the state to the ideology is not occasional:
-- Youth has never had much sympathy for this regime and it, of course, troubles the authorities. It is connected to the upcoming election. The authorities seem to hope they will manage to brainwash at least a part of youth and turn them into adherents. It always seems to me the regime has one more aim. It shows it doesn’t intend to surrender the power and accordingly tries to educate the generation that will be devoted to it, as it happened during Stalin’s rule. That’s why much attention is paid to ideological work.

The authorities also want every secondary school to establish a corner with the official emblem, flag and hymn. Natallia Zhgirava, chair of the education department of Homiel Savietski Borough Board, said:
-- Every class should be equipped with flag and emblem. And the state symbols, emblem, flag and hymn, must be in the hall of the school.

Aliena Surava, chief specialist of the education department, specified:
-- It must look the way it is in the military units.

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