Beating of Borisovskie Novosti Journalist

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to RFE/RL

On 8 November in the city of Barysau unknown person beat the journalist of the non-state newspaper Borisovskie Novosti Aliaksandr Abramovich. The victim and his colleague associate this assault with his professional activity. It happened in the evening, not far from Abramovich’s flat. The unknown person attacked him and hit across the head, face and torso.

The journalist’s acquaintances happened to be nearby. They detained the man and took him to the police. The police almost immediately released the hooligan. They told the journalist his surname only thanks to his insistence. The assaulter works at a private enterprise. Mr. Abramovich applied for bringing a criminal case against him, which will be considered only in 10 days.

The policemen said to RFE/RL there was a conflict between Abramovich and that person and they would investigate into this incident. The chief editor of Borisovski Novosti Anatol Bukas said the assault was provoked and that violation of the liberty of press and this assault are related. Aliaksandr Abramovich says he is dissatisfied with the actions of Barysau police. He associates the assault with his journalist activity, for instant, sharp political articles in Zgoda newspaper.

The chief editor of Zgoda Aliaksiei Karal confirmed Mr. Abramovich was a regular author of his edition and said the journalist’s articles could become a reason for his beating.