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Sitting of Main Council of Union of Poles in Belarus Held in Bialystok

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In her interview to TVP-1 in Poland Anzhalika Borys, chair of the Union of Poles who is not recognized by Belarusian authorities, said:
-- Belarusian secret services act, so the sitting of the Main Council was prepared in secret.

According to Pahonia newspaper, 18 of 35 members of the UPB Main Council came to Bialystok to provide the quorum.

-- It’s the second sitting of the Main Council after the UPB assembly in Vaukavysk, -- comments Andzhei Pisalnik. – It was mainly attended by chair of regional branches from all over Belarus. They came there to exchange information and meet Andrzhei Stelmachowski, head of Vspulnota Polska.

According to Pisalnik, regional activists of the UPB are deprived of the possibility to contact one another and Belarusian authorities wouldn’t have let them gather. That’s why it was decided to hold the sitting in Poland.

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