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First Magazyn Polski “in Emigration”

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to RFE/RL

Belarusian Poles have already received the first number of Magazyn Polski. Earlier the magazine used to be published by in Belarus by the Union of Poles. This one was published in Poland by adherents of Anzhalika Borys, officially unrecognized UPB chair, that’s why now the words “in emigration” stand on the cover. The chief editor is Andrei Pachobut. He became the editor half a year ago, when Anzhalika Borys was elected the chair of the Union of Poles in Belarus. However, he didn’t manage to issue a single number in Belarus because the Ministry of Justice declared the election invalid and the authorities started breaking the union up.

A considerable part of the magazine materials are prepared by Andrei Pachobut and his colleague Andzhei Pisalnik, editor of Glos znad Niemna. There’s a photo of Anzhalika Borys on the cover and an interview with her in the pages. Magazyn Polski differs greatly from the magazine of the official Union of Poles, which is more of cultural and historical nature and is far from public and political issues. Andrei Pachobut also writes about the gradual liquidation of the independent press in Belarus, including such newspapers as Svaboda, Naviny, Pahonia, Den, Birzha Informacii, etc.

Besides, Magazyn Polski informs readers about the present persecution of Poles in Belarus and political prisoners and features “Aliaksandr vs. Aliaksandr” article about the oppositional candidate to presidency Aliaksandr Milinkievich.

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