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Participants of Info Meetings Detained in Mazyr

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 21 October in Mazyr the police detained activists of the UCP's youth branch "Hart" and a French national Sofie Vazniak and a Polish national Michal Papin.
The youth activists conducted EU info meetings first in Homel and then in Mazyr.
The meeting in Mazyr held in a private house was stopped by a dozen police that searched the rooms for weapons, checked the documents and detained the foreigners and the Belarusians without passports, said Artsiom Buryla, a meeting participant.
Ms Vazniak told Radio Liberty over the phone that after the interrogation neither she nor her Polish colleague got their passports back: the police said that they would take them to the railroad station and then have them deported through Minsk to Poland.
Sofie Vazniak is surprised by this decision of the Belarusian police, because all of her documents are ok and she has not committed any violations in Belarus. Ms Vazniak is a volunteer of the Warsaw-based Center of International Relations, Mr. Papin represents Nizhni Slions-based Center of Strategic Investigations.

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