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Polish Press Covers Detention of Andrei Pachobut

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The detention of the Hrodna journalist Andrei Pachobut attracted attention of the leading Polish newspapers, reported Radio Liberty. Also the Polish press discusses the situation around the Polish Houses in Belarus, built or bought at the expense of Poland, which can now find themselves under control of the Belarusian authorities.
Rzeczpospolita, a prominent Polish daily, says that the police that detained Andrei Pachobut in the street, must have been watching him and waiting until he stayed alone. Pachobut, however, had enough time to report his detention by mobile phone.
Among other things, the police asked Andrei Pachobut what he knew about the distribution of the Glos znad Niemna issues printed in Poland a month ago by supporters of the UPB leadership with Anzhalika Borys at the head, that is not recognized by the official Minsk. This issue also contained several materials written by Pachobut, and the attention of the Belarusian authorities may have been attracted by commentary regarding the Vaukavysk Congress of UPB – Andrei called the UPB governing board elected there "puppets that have to play by rules imposed on them", says Rzeczpospolita. Then it goes to note that Andrei Pachobut refused to testify without a lawyer present.
Gazeta Wyborcza also covered the detention of the Hrodna journalist. The daily reminded the readers that Andrei Pachobut is one of the closest supporters of Anzhalika Borys and that the Belarusian authorities have already forbidden him to leave abroad because Pachobut cannot pay a fine of about 2.5 thousand US dollars, which he was awarded for picketing persecution against the Glos znad Niemna.
The Wyborcza also mentions problems of the 16 Polish Houses in Belarus. According to the daily, after Poland suspended their funding, they found themselves in a difficult financial situation and may become dependent on the Belarusian authorities for support.
The newspaper quotes Iuzef Luchnik, the UPB chair recognized by the official Minsk, as saying that the Polish Houses will remain independent and Polish.

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