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BRUY is the main legal entity that can send Belarusians abroad within the next five years

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The Ministry of Interior of Belarus declared legal entities and individual businessmen who will within the next five years have the right to find employment for the citizens of Belarus abroad. Of the former half a hundred firms, there remain only a dozen. And even this number is mostly represented by branches of the Belarusian Republican Union of Youth (BRUY), reports Radio Liberty.
Citizenship and Migration Department of the Ministry of Interior summed up the re-registration results declared half a year ago. Thus, only 10 organizations and companies out of the earlier 50 managed to meet the Ministry's criteria.
The list of the legal entities who will be allowed within the next five years to send Belarusians abroad is started with BRUY with its branches in the regional centers and in the capital.
Number 2 on the list is the Youth Center "Headquarters of Student Teams", an organization related to BRUY, and contrary to logic, will serve as a "base" for workers sent to Czechia rather than supervise the student teams.
The majority of the remaining firms said they orient at construction specialties in Russia.
Those who want to study abroad also have to meet tougher requirements. All the same, the students are sure: people will be able to find a method to get abroad.
Whereas ten companies were granted licenses to find employment for the citizens of Belarus abroad, only two companies were granted licenses connected with "collection and distribution of information about physical persons, which enables people to meet one another".

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