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Authorities Escalate Conflict with Belarusian Union of Poles again

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 10 October Gazeta Wyborcza wrote that Belarusian authorities continued persecution of the leaders of the Union of Poles in Belarus. According to the newspaper, after two peaceful weeks, the vice-chairs of the UPB Iuzaf Pazhetski and Vieslau Kieuliak, the journalists Andrei Pachobut, Andzhei Pisalnik and the leader of Hrodna UPB organization Miechyslau Iatskievich were summonsed to police in connection with the events in Shchuchyn and the unauthorized action in Vaukavysk. None of the summonsed came to the police, because the summons were thrown into the post boxes, whereas the law demands from the police to pass the summons directly to the summonsed persons and demand signature for receiving. The newspaper thinks that Belarusian authorities most probably waited for the results of the election in Poland and now will continue repressive actions against the union activist.

Summons to Shchuchyn District Board of Internal Affairs was thrown into the post box of Paviel Mazheika, chair of Hrodna branch of Belarusian Association of Journalist, the reason why he should come there is not mentioned in this document. Mr. Mazheika thinks he can be summonsed in connection with the complaint of Viktar Bohdan, chair of Shchychyn branch of the Union of Poles in Belarus, who stated a group of Poles with Anzhalika Borys at the head threatened to his life.

In addition, the journalist Andrei Pachobut is deprived of the possibility to travel abroad. On 12 October the college board of Hrodna Regional Court left in force the temporary restriction of foreign travels for him. The matter is that on 27 July Hrodna Leninski Borough Court decided Mr. Pachobut evaded from payment of the fine to which he was sentenced for participation in the unauthorized picket that took place on 6 July, despite the fact that by that time he had paid more than 3 700 000 rubles of 5 100 000 he had to. Only 500 000 rubles is left to pay. However, the college board of the regional court decided that it would be better to keep the restriction till payment of the whole sum of fine.

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