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Relatives Are Deprived of Right to Meet Siarhiei Skrabiets

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Despite the fact that officially each prisoner can have a meeting a month, relatives haven’t meet with the political prisoner Siarhiei Skrabiets for almost two months already. His wife explains it thusly:
-- The investigator refused to us. He said that we could ask the judge after the case was passed to the court. He didn’t say what court and what judge, though.

The only thing left to the relatives is to pass parcels to Siarhiei Skrabiets. They put a copy of the subscription bill to “BDG. Belorusskaya Delovaya Gazeta” into the last parcel. In her interview to RFE/RL Nina Skrabiets, Siarhiei’s mother says there’s the following rule in prison in Valadarski Street where he is kept: if a prisoner is subscribed to a newspaper, he must also have a copy of the subscription bill to it. Otherwise he won’t receive the periodical. It happened to the subscription to Narodnaia Volia, for instance, which the prisoner didn’t receive as long as the parents didn’t know about the prison rules.

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