Free Trade Union of Belarus Left without Office

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to RFE/RL

Free Trade Union of Belarus used to have its office in Zakharau Street, 24 in Minsk. Several days ago the organization had to move out on decision of Minsk Economic Court. It means that the organization loses its juridical address. Organizations without such address are usually deprived of official registration and either become underground or cease to exist at all. The official reason is non-timely payment of the rent.

The primary court decision about eviction was taken in absence of FTUB representatives and was complained against by them. As a result, Minsk Economic Court had to set it aside. Simultaneously it decided to deprive the organization of the right to rent. According to the FTUB head Hienadz Bykau it became senseless to seek the truth at courts. Now the trade union is looking for another office.

Hienadz Bykau states that the responsible officials of the Ministry of Justice have stated their intention to discuss certain issues with the trade union administration. Most probably, the discussion will concern the juridical address. Hienadz Fiadynich, the leader of the trade union of radio-electronic industry, commented:
-- Our trade union and Bykasu’s trade union as well are members of the Federation of Trade Union of Belarus. The authorities think there mustn’t be such trade unions at all. That’s why they do everything to stop the existence of independent trade unions on the territory of Belarus.

According to Mr. Fiadynich, recently he has been summoned to the national procurator’s office for explanations concerning his article in Express-info, information bulleting of the trade union, concerning the bad economic and social situation at a number of enterprises of Mahiliou. The procurators stated the article had much negative information.

Besides, on 19 October Minsk Savietski Borough Court will start hearings concerning the refusal of the administration of Minsk Car Factory to register the primary unit of the trade union of radio-electronic industry.