What local authorities think of opposition deputies

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

A deputy of Malaryta District Council, a lawyer of the Human Rights Center Viasna Uladzimir Malei received a character reference from the chair of the District Council of Deputies. The character reference was issued to be produced in court.
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Character Reference ofUladzimir Malei, a deputy of Malaryta District Council of Deputies, born 1951, Belarusian, pensionerU.Malei was elected a deputy of the District Council of Deputies of the 24th convocation in March 2003 in Lermontovo Election District No.10. He is a member of the BPF Party. He is in opposition to the government. He uses his deputy activity to promote the opposition interests. He neither can nor will listen to the opinion of other people. The only position he considers as correct is his position. He attempts to pass himself off as an exclusive personality. Any remarks made to him get an aggressive response.
Every time he repeatedly tries to take the floor at the Council sessions to give an unfair estimate of the government activities, and vilify the state officials.
He rejects constructive cooperation proposals, and does not put forward any concrete proposals. He was issued a formal warning regarding inadmissibility of the deputy ethics violation.
Chair of District Council of Deputies, V.A.Boiko

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