Brest Regional Court did not grant the complaint by Anatol Novik, an activist of Brest District Branch of the Party of Communists of Belarus (PCB).

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

An activist of the district branch (PCB) Anatol Novik attempted to repeal in court the ruling about a fine of 40 basic units (1020000 rubles). The fine was awarded for an allegedly "unauthorized gathering" in the courtyard of one of the houses in Damachava.
The complaint was not granted because "the court has established that on 9 July 2005 they organized and conducted a gathering in the courtyard of house No. 95 in Kamsamolskaia Street in Damachava. They did not contact the local authorities for permission. (…) The gathering was not conducted at the legal address of the primary party unit". Thus, the party members were accused of holding a gathering not at their legal address at the apartment – but at the courtyard.
Let's see what happened. House No. 95 in Damachava is a two-level house with eight apartments. And next to the house there is an area handed over for life-long use to Anatol Novik, the owner of the apartment where the local party branch has its legal address. This is where they have a summer kitchen, where they held a party gathering treated by the local authorities as unauthorized.