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The regular issue of the Narodnaia volia came out, however, the existence of the paper is still threatened

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 28 September the Narodnaia volia managed to issue a regular number, however, the newspaper's existence is still threatened, said the editorial office to the representatives of the Belarusian Association of Journalists. The Narodnaia volia's property is attached, the paper is seized, and the bank is prescribed to take away from the newspaper account and pay to the court 100 million rubles. (That was the amount awarded by Leninski Borough Court of Minsk for moral damages allegedly sustained by the chair of the Liberal Democratic Party Siarhei Haidukievich from the Narodnaia volia regarding the possible cooperation of the LDP with the regime of Sadam Hussein).
The newspaper issue of 27 September 2005 placed an appeal of the founder and senior editor of the Narodnaia volia Iosif Siaredzich to the readers and supporters to help with the money to pay the fine. The appeal also contained a timeline of the actions taken by court marshals that led to the threat of closure.
Initially, the court marshals proposed that the editorial office execute the court ruling before 25 August this year, however, prior to this date the acting chair of Minsk City Court Turko suspended the execution.
On 20 September the court marshals started to attach the newspaper's property without a repeated proposal to execute the court ruling. On 21 September 2005 the attachment was completed: The property of the Narodnaia volia's property was banned, large batches of paper were seized, and the bank account was blocked.
On 23 September 2005 the editorial office appealed to the Supreme Court of Belarus and sent a special petition to the chair of the court Valiantsin Sukala, where it asked for the suspension of the court ruling and guaranteed the execution of the court ruling after all courts of appeal had been tried.
"It is important to do everything to make sure the country, the people do not lose their only independent daily Narodnaia volia", says the appeal.

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