KGB Attempts to Recruit Mahilou Activist

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Attempted recruitment of the head of the Mahilou Branch of the Youth Civil Association Young Social Democrats - Young Hramada Paval Usau occurred on 23 September, reported the NGO Assembly press service. The activist had just returned from a trip to Poland, where he had been staying at the invitation of the mother organization to learn the course of preparation for parliamentary elections. It was this "business trip" that aroused interest of the KGB agent.
KGB thought up a combination to lure the activist known in the city for a talk. An unidentified person phoned Mr. Usau and asked for consultation regarding registration of a new civil organization. However, he would not listen to the advice on the phone, insisting on a face-to-face meeting. At an agreed time and place in the center of the city a well-dressed young man with good manners and a smiling face got out of a car to meet Usau. He proposed that they talk in the car instead of standing out in the street. After this happened, the stranger showed his ID and asked for an "altogether different" piece of advice (assuming Mr. Usau was "a patriot of his land").
The KGB agent, according to the ID produced, was a senior operative of the Regional Board of KGB Hrybaila. He proposed Paval should tell him about his trip to Poland and share information about what our foreign neighbors think of Belarus. Mr. Usau refused to talk and left. The discontent KGB operative had to leave the scene with nothing. Mr. Usau had enough time to tell Hrybaila that he would tell the independent media of the incident.

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