Two people on hunger-strike in Vaukavysk

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

A businessman Mikalai Autukhovich and an unemployed woman Natalia Niaborskaia are on hunger-strike in Vaukavysk. In six days of the hunger strike no one, apart from his fellow-workers, has asked questions about the health of Mikalai Autukhovich. The town authorities say they are busy preparing for the 1000th anniversary of Vaukavysk, and the local district hospital opinion is as follows: if someone feels bad they contact the hospital themselves. Natalia Niaborskaia has been on hunger-strike since 23 September, she feels dizzy and is afraid she might lose consciousness.
Mikalai Autukhovich has not complained so far. In the past two years this is his third hunger-strike. Autukhovich and Nika-Trans, with which he works, are required to pay about one million worth of taxes and fines, which, as is claimed by the taxation authorities, they have failed to pay.
As regards Natalia Niaborskaia, she started hunger-strike after receiving the ruling by Vaukavysk court that she has to pay 6.5 million rubles of taxes for the acquisition of an apartment in Minsk. This tax is so high because she has not been able to submit to the taxation committee all the documents that confirm her income. Natalia Niaborskaia had worked in the Far North of Russian for some time, from where they sent to Minsk confirmation that she had lived there. However, the documents that are related to her work burned.
She went to the taxation committee several times, she says, but no one would listen to her. She does not have the money to pay the tax. She borrowed part of the money from her relatives. She was not summonsed to the court that took place on 5 September. After she received the court ruling, she applied with a complaint to the procurator's office, where she was told that such court cases may be considered in the absence of the defendant. Then on 23 September she declared a hunger-strike having first informed in writing the chair of Vaukavysk District Executive Committee Mikhail Savielieu and the chair of the Regional Executive Committee Uladzimier Sauchanka.
She keeps the hunger-strike at her friend's place, where she and her 12 year old son live now, reports Polish Radio.