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Gazeta Wyborcza: "Protestants interfere with Belarusian regime?"

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

"Protestants interfere with the Belarusian regime?" - that was the title of an article in the latest issue of the Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland. This article was devoted to the ban of the Evangelical Church in Belarus.
The periodical says that the Belarusian Evangelical Church is not the first Protestant community that is either shut down or is going to be shut down by the Belarusian authorities.
"The regime is starting with smaller churches to show how far it can reach. Protestantism embodies western values: human rights and individualism, and this is "the disease" Lukashenka wants to isolate Belarus from as well as he can", quotes the Gazeta Wyborcza one of the Belarusian publicists.
The newspaper then adds that the Belarusian authorities first of all support the Orthodox Church subordinated to Moscow-based Patriarchate.
"This church voices the state slogans and believes that Belarusians and Russians are brother-nations. Nominally, the majority of the Belarusians belong to this church, but many of them never attend the services", says the newspaper.