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The Congress of Democratic Forces of Belarus will be held 1-2 October in the Chamber of Culture of Minsk Car Plant

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

This was the final decision taken by the organization committee of the congress on 19 September. The permission to hold the congress in Belarus was authorized by Lukashenka.
The chair of the organization committee Aliaxandr Bukhvostau said that the congress would start at 2 p.m. on Saturday, on 1 October, in the Chamber of Culture of Minsk Car Plant. This was the decision taken by a majority vote, the deputy chair of the United Civil Party Aliaxandr Dabravolski reported to Radio Liberty: "Our discussions have led the majority to decide to hold the congress in Belarus, but there were other options".
As regards the other possible locations of the congress, some proposed that it would be conducted in two stages: the first one in Ukraine, and the second one, for example, in two weeks – in Belarus. This approach is based on some of the delegates being afraid of provocation on the part of the authorities. Mr. Bukhvostau comments on the situation: "We supported Belarus, and everyone said: "Only in Belarus!" However, now we were given a chance to hold it in Belarus. That's what we'll do. But if they choose to create problems, we will be free to act and show who Lukashenka is".

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