Courts refuse to deal with Lukashenka' decree regarding the renaming of the avenues

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 15 September Minsk City Court refused to grant the complaint by the residents of the Belarusian capital who complained against the renaming of the central avenues and streets in Minsk by A.Lukashenka. The claimants, who believe A.Lukashenka did not have the right to do so, are going to appeal to the Supreme Court, reported Radio Liberty.
A group of Minsk residents filed a complaint against the renaming of the streets in Tsentralny Borough Court of Minsk, but this court refused to deal with their complaint saying that it was not competent to consider the acts taken by the head of state, reported Radio Liberty.
The claimants viewed this position as not corresponding to the law, and filed a complaint with a higher level court, Minsk City Court, which, however, also took the line that the Belarusian court system does not have the right to review decrees issued by Lukashenka.
Anatol Liabedzla notes that this decision by Minsk City Court will in turn be appealed in the Supreme Court to turn the public attention to what he thinks is illegal renaming of the central streets and avenues in Minsk.
Mr. Liabedzka noted that the opposition does not dismiss the idea of holding a city referendum on the renaming of the central Minsk streets and avenues initiated by Lukashenka, and is also going to start collection of voters' signatures to recall the Chair of Minsk City Council Uladzimier Papkouski because the deputies chaired by him do not respond to A.Lukashenka's usurping their powers in any way.

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