Lukashenka Takes Floor in UN – Appeals to Release Milosevic and Hussein

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The main theme of the speech delivered by A.Lukashenka was the problem of "the single pole" of the modern world and criticism of the US. At the start of the speech A.Lukashenka also expressed nostalgia for USSR: "15 years have passed since the collapse of my country - USSR. This event completely changed the world. With all the errors and mistakes made by its government the Soviet Union was the support and hope of many countries and nations", reported Radio Liberty.
As regards the Russia-Belarus Union and "interference" from the US A.Lukashenka said: "We have created a powerful and successful union with Russia, a country close to us. We are building our country using our own brain, basing on our traditions. But we see: this choice of our people is not to everybody's liking. It is not to the liking of those who want to rule a "one pole" world. How to rule? If there are no conflicts – they have to be created. If there are no reasons for interference – virtual pretexts have to be created. A banner very conveniently serving these purposes was found – democracy and human rights. Importantly, these concepts do not mean government of the people and human dignity but the interpretation of the US leadership.
Aliaxandr Lukashenka regretted that UN allows itself to be used as an instrument of a policy aimed at building a "one pole" world. The Belarusian leader expressed his disagreement with the resolutions adopted by the UN Committee for Human Rights regarding human rights violations in Belarus.
Then the Belarusian leader stood up for the rights of the Al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorist suspects imprisoned in the Guantanama base, and also the imprisoned Slobodan Milosevic and Sadam Hussein: "The leaders of the demolished Yugoslavia and Iraq were put behind bars for unconfirmed, absurd and far-fetched charges. This is a convenient way of hiding the truth about the demolition of their countries. Trial over Milosevic has long been a caricature. Sadam Hussein, as in a world of savages, was surrendered to the discretion of the victor... They should be freed and able to freely defend their rights".