Paviel Sieviaryniets Is “Allowed” to Visit Church during His Personal Restraint Term

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to RFE/RL

Paviel Sieviaryniets, who has been sentenced to two years of personal restraint for alleged organization of the mass riot after the parliamentary election of 17 October 2004, spends his term in the village of Malaia Sitna, on the border with Russia. In the end of August he applied to Aliaksandr Damuts, head of the open colony, with the request to allow him visiting a church at least once a week. Mr. Damuts formally allowed it to him, but due to the imposed restrictions it remains practically impossible.

The matter is that there are no churches closer than in 40 kilometers. Paviel Sieviaryniets was allowed to go to a church in Polatsk once a month, but stay in the city for three hours only. However, the return bus to the village is seven hours then the bus that arrives to Polatsk, that’s why it is hardly possible to execute the last demand. Paviel Sieviaryniets stated he would still demand weekly visits to church and increase of the time spent in the city at least up to 7 hours. He also said he receives many letters of support from different people.

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