US Government Recommends to Evade Transit through Belarus

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The US Government calls American campaigns not to transit goods through the territory of Belarus for the fear of confiscation of goods and even vehicles.
The Government informs the campaigns that, though the US Embassy in Belarus has always tried to support them, but the number of the confiscated goods is growing. The administrative law of Belarus presents favorable conditions for detention of goods and their confiscation through court.
It’s worth mentioning that the governments of Germany, Switzerland, Moldova and Austria have already called their traffickers not to use Belarusian transit. The Belarusian carriers who work for foreign campaigns also abstain from driving goods through the territory of their country.
Some of the foreign campaigns even specify in their agreements that in the case a carrier independently decides to use Belarusian transit, he is deprived of insurance in the case the load is detained.