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More Cases Related to Union of Poles in Belarus

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According to RFE/RL

On 26 August in Vaukavysk the police detained Miechyslau Iaskievich, chair of Hrodna city branch of the Union of Poles in Belarus (UPB) and composed a report, charging him with violation of Article #167-2 of the Code of Administrative Violations for organization of the unauthorized assembly that would take place on 27 August, during the repeated assembly of the Union of Poles near the culture palace where it was held. The police detained Mr. Iaskievich in isolator for more than 24 hours, till the end of the assembly, and then let go.

On 31 August Mr. Iaskievich familiarized with the materials of the administrative case that was brought against him by Vaukavysk police and passed to the local court.

Among the case materials there’s even an anonymous letter that was allegedly sent to Hrodna Regional Board of Internal Affairs. There it is stated that on 27 August UPB activists wanted to hold mass actions with the support of political activists from different towns and cities and prepared for it iron rods, bottles with napalm, etc.

According to Miechyslau Iaskievich, on 26 August this paper was passed to him by a man in plain clothes who didn’t introduce himself. It also became known that the police composed reports on Aliaksandr Baradaukin and Viktar Huliak, local activists of United Civil Party, accusing them in unauthorized picketing during the repeated UPB Assembly.

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