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50 thousand new names of repressed people will be added to the internet site Martyrolog of Belarus

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Soon the internet site Martyrolog of Belarus will display more than 50 thousand names of the people repressed in Minsk during the rule of Joseph Stalin. These lists were obtained from a KGB officer, now the authors of the site Martyrolog of Belarus are preparing them for display on the Internet. The site appeared on the network last year in October. This site tells of the crimes and victims to Communism in Belarus in the 20th century. The site exhibits more than 6 thousand names of the repressed people of Belarus, and several hundreds of names of those involved in punitive actions, several dozens of photos from Kurapaty and also books about the history of political reprisals in Belarus.

The new lists of the repressed people were obtained from the KGB archives. The coordinator of Martyrolog of Belarus Siarhei Dubaviets said in an interview to Radio Liberty: "Everyone knows that in Belarus the KGB archives related to the Stalin reprisals are closed, this year in winter quite accidentally on a market we managed to obtain from a KGB officer a list, which is rather material containing biographies of more than 50 thousand people repressed for political reasons during the rule of Stalin – people repressed in Minsk by Minsk KGB. The condition imposed by the seller was not to specify this deal. It is obvious he is taking a risk. I checked this list against real people. Not famous people but ordinary people, the relations of the repressed people, and everything matches. So this is a real list".

The preparation and exhibition of all these biographies on the internet involve a lot of labor. The information will be published at in September. Every month two-three thousand biographies of the repressed people will be publicized. The principle of Martyralog of Belarus involves exhibiting the maximal number of biographies of the repressed people so that the internet-based finders responded to the names from these lists. Thus someone may type in his own name at, for example,, to see the biography of his own granddad repressed under Stalin.

Recently in Belarus this dictator is being rehabilitated in Belarus, the topic of political reprisals is hardly covered by the mass media. That's why the work in this direction acquires still more substantial and beneficial value.

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