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New versions of the procurator's office in the widely publicized cases of Zmitsier Zavadski and Veranika Charkasava

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The procurator's office voiced some details of the crimes committed against the journalists. As regards the case of the ORT cameraman Zmitsier Zavadzki, they said that the investigators had been on a business trip abroad. As regards the murder of the Salidarnasts journalist Veranika Charkasava, the procurator's office mentions "up to ten versions". Radio Liberty asked where the investigators for the case of Zmitsier Zavadzki might have gone, and what new versions appeared in the case of Veranika Charkasava.

As was disclosed, the case of Zmitsier Zavadzki's disappearance really had mention of some special squad officer Rabtsevich. This man allegedly had a connection either to the car the Ihnatovich group had used, or to the gold mentioned in the case. But the disappeared journalist's mother does not think that the meeting of the investigators with Rabtsevich in Israel will shed additional light on her son's fate. "He should be looked for in Belarus, visiting Israel means wasting the time and pretending something is being done. You can travel all over the world to see friends or relations of the suspects and then successfully report the continuation of the investigation", said Volha Zavadzkaya in an interview with Radio Liberty.

Diana Charkasava, Veranika Charkasava's mother, had reserved commentary on the statement made by the procurator's office about ten versions of her daughter's murder. "I know that earlier they only had one or two versions, where does ten come from? You need to have a lot of imagination. We have neither new versions or new facts. Whatever the case has – they know but will say nothing, I believe". The murdered journalist's mother reminded that only through the court they managed to cancel the investigators' decision on the forced psychiatric examination of her grandchild Anton Filimonau. Now Anton is in Minsk, he successfully finished yet another school grade, he is no longer summonsed to the investigator for interrogation.

It is known that among other versions is a version of Iraqi traces in the murder of the journalist. This version is based on the fact that Veranika Charkasava went on a journalist mission in Iraq and allegedly collected evidence about the sale of Belarusian arms to the regime of Sadam Husein. The Belarusian media wrote a lot about the professional approach in the journalist's murder. Such cases, experts say, are either unraveled in the first days after the crime or remain unsolved.

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