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Protesters in Vitsebsk are detained

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Representatives of the political parties gathered on 22 June in Freedom Square in Vitsebsk to express their disagreement at the verdict to two leaders of the Belarusian opposition Paval Sieviaryniets and Mikola Statkievich. 40 minutes after it started the action participants were dispersed by the police and riot squad.

Around two dozens of the opposition parties went out to Freedom Square. Almost each had portraits of Mikola Statkievich and Paval Sieviaryniets attached to their chests. By the way, Paval Sieviaryniets and his mother Tatsiana Sieviaryniets also came to the square to meet the compatriots.

40 minutes after the action started three cars full of police and several riot squad officers came. The action participants managed to hold back the police which ordered everyone to leave the place. The party members started leaving the Freedom Square only when the chair of the Young Front Ianis Chuchman was forced inside the police car.

The BPF Party member Khrystafor Zhaliapau was detained when he had already left the square and was walking along Lenina Street. He was grabbed by the hands and forced into the car. By the way, he was detained on the territory of Chyhunachny Borough but was taken to Kastrychnitski Borough Department. His party associates, who noticed this violation, started phoning the procurator's office of Kastrychnitski Borough. Meanwhile, at the police station Mr. Zhaliapau had to give up his mobile phone so that he could not say what was happening to him at the station.

At half past eight in the evening Ianis Chuchman and Khrystafor Zhaliapau were released. The police made reports for distributing fly sheets without imprint, the contents of which cause damage to the state regime and public order.

Now the reports compiled against Ianis Chuchman and Khrystafor Zhaliapau will be reviewed by the Borough Administrative Committee, reports Radio Liberty.

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