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Pressure by special services against conscious students continues

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Special services representatives are interested in the linguistic university student Hannah Krasnova. Yesterday on 20 June before the examination a KGB agent approached her and had a conversation about her personal life.

On 20 June at 10 a.m. before the exam in the Historical Grammar of the Belarusian Language, a plainly clothed man approached Hannah and introduced himself as a KGB agent. The questions concerned her personal life. Aliaxandr, as he introduced himself, had most questions about the internship in Berlin in autumn 2003 – spring 2004, when Hannah worked as a volunteer in the public and social sector in Germany within the EU program "Youth". He also asked a lot of general questions that did not concern the topic of the conversation. Hannah believes this is an unsuccessful attempt to influence her public position and believes that the university should be a place of learning rather than a means of influencing a person.

We would like to remind you that this has not been the first case recently. Representatives of the university administration had talks with some members of the BSA. Attempts to make students write explanations to the dean's offices about their involvement with the activity of organizations are known. The expulsion of a student from the journalism department of BSU, who is a reporter on the Narodnaia Volia is also quite indicative. The authorities of Belarus decided to finally "tackle the uncontrolled students". On 23 May an order was issued, which was entitled "On Measures of Preventing Attempts to Involve Students in Illegal Political Activity". No wonder, radical measures have to be taken sometimes. For example, the hunger-strike undertaken by the students in Zhodzina.

In connection with these events, the activists of the Belarusian Students' Association state that despite any threats, pressure and mad accusations, BSA will continue to struggle for the rights of their members and other students, none of whom will remain without help in the event of unfair treatment by the administration of the educational establishment and other structures.

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