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On 15 June Hrodna lawyer Aliaxandr Biarylau visited Valiery Lievanieuski in Ivatsevichy penal facility

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The lawyer related some details of his defendant's hunger-strike. "He feels ok. Said that everything is fine, and that he has withdrawn from the hunger-strike fine. He complains about mild heart problems, but this seems to be a problem with all of them there. He said that he may well be sent to the Republican prison hospital for examination", said Aliaxandr Biarylau to Radio Liberty.

According to the lawyer, Valiery Lievanieuski lost weight but remains cheerful and in a good mood. The convict said that the good air, plentiful due to the numerous woods surrounding the facility, compensated for lack of food.

What did Valiery Lievanieuski achieve by his hunger-strike?

The lawyer said that as a result of the hunger-strike he was visited by the head of the Brest Office of the Prison Administration and also Deputy Chief of the Administration from Minsk. This is already a big victory, believes the lawyer. However, most of Lievanieuski's grievances against the prison administration are still there. They concern the rules of receiving and sending mail. Valiery Lievanieuski believes that the rights of the prisoners to mail are severely curtailed. For example, during the year that he spent in the facility, Mr. Lievanieuski sent about 100 different letters and complaints, however, according to his information, only a tenth reached the destination. That's why the leader of the businessmen demands that the system of registering complaints from convicted people and feedback to these complaints be improved. Because his demands have not been fulfilled, he retained the right to resume the hunger-strike.

The leader of the businessmen of Hrodna Valiery Lievanieuski was convicted for two years in prison for libeling Aliaxandr Lukashenka. Amnesty International declared him a prisoner of conscience.

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