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The new leadership of the Union of Poles in Belarus received a letter from the Ministry of Justice, which urges a repeated congress of the organization

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

This is the information provided by Two weeks ago the Ministry of Justice recognized as illegitimate the sixth congress of the UPB on the basis of alleged numerous violations committed during the run-up to and conduct of the congress. The new leadership of the organization with Anzhelika Borys at the head thinks that the congress was completely democratic and law competent. The organization sent the Ministry of Justice a letter requesting additional verification of the grounds of their doubts. And in the evening on 24 May, an answer from Minsk was received. It says that the Ministry of Justice maintains its previous opinion and requires a repeated congress of the UPB as earlier.
The press-secretary of the Union of Poles of Belarus Andrzej Pisalnik said that its organization wanted to resolve the conflict with the Ministry of Justice in a legal way, so it requested careful examination of the problem. However, this approach failed. Now the new leadership of the UPB will appeal this decision in court.
The conflict between the UPB and the Belarusian authorities has been upgraded to the international level. The Polish media even printed a list of people denied entry to the territory of Poland. The Ministry of Justice Viktar Halavanau is on the list.

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