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The Union of Poles in Belarus started to collect signatures under a petition to the President of the country, asking to stop the destruction of the organization

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The appeal to A.Lukashenka made by the UPB expresses indignation at the film "Who ordered the Union of Poles?" shown on the Belarusian television. "The information distributed by the Belarusian television does not correspond to reality", says the letter that later states that its authors have sided with the organization's former heads who launched a "real war on the new leadership of the Union of Poles".
The authors of the statement remind Lukashenka that the UPB is not involved in politics and does not plan to "take people to streets". The letters further adds that "one of the greatest achievements made by Belarus is stability and international peace. It is this achievement that came under attack organized by those behind the provocative film". At the end the appeal asks if the President of the country can stop the elimination of the UPB.
The regional newspaper Hrodzenskaia prauda published the article entitled "Why I think the congress decisions are not valid". The author V.Krautsevich, a associate professor of the private zootechnicians' departments of Hrodna State Agrarian University (who also happens to be one of the active "heroes" of the film "Who ordered the Union of Poles?") provides an almost legal analysis of the violations allegedly committed during the preparation and conduct of the sixth congress and comes to the conclusion that "the congress has only aggravated the current divide and triggered the breakdown of the Union of Poles into fragments". He even argues that the largest regional departments of the UPB have already declared about their intention to leave the organization's framework, choosing, however, to disclose no names. (NGO Assembly press service)

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