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Free Trade Union of Belarus is forced to leave premises

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

16 May is the last day the Free Trade Union of Belarus can leave the premises.
The residential maintenance company insists on eviction quoting payment arrears and the lease term expiry. The Trade Union leaders refute these allegations. The residential maintenance company refuses to comment on the situation, and Hienadz Bykau, the leader of the Free Trade Union, gave the following commentary in his interview with Radio Liberty. "The residential maintenance company cannot alone make such decisions. We've been there for 11 years and so far have had not problems. This is how all organizations beyond control of the authorities are shutting down. The authorities themselves pushing us away from economic and social issues, making us get involved in politics. Ok, maybe this way we'll be able to sort out the regime problem faster. This problem has been there for a long time".
The trade union management argues that they will not leave the occupied premises and will take the case to court. Also, Hienadz Bykau intends to bring the cases of persecution of independent trade unions by the authorities to the attention of the international community. At the beginning of June, the International Labor Organization opens its regular session, at which it will examine the situation with the trade union rights in Belarus. Whether the authorities will step up their efforts in the eviction case remains an open issue.

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